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Remembering is a noble and necessary act - Elie Wiesel

Have you got an old photograph that has been put away because it's too fragile to be handled? Bring it back to its former glory by having it retouched and restored. It doesn't matter if the photo has creases, scratches, stains or even tears; most images can be restored to a better condition.


This listing is for a digital item only. The cost of this listing is for a simple restoration of blemishes and flaws and a conversion to a monochrome image.
Where needed I will also make lighting, contrast and cropping adjustments to enhance the aesthetics of the image. For colour or a more extensive repair the cost will change and it is best to contact me before placing an order.


These are approximate and should give theĀ you an idea of possible cost. As prices increase the cheaper service is also included.

$25 - Basic light restoration of simple creases, scratches and contrast

$50 - Includes the restoringĀ 1 major area of repair OR a colour restoration of intact photo OR change background plus the repairs of simple creases, scratches and contrast.

$80 - Includes the restoring ofĀ 2 - 3 major areas plus additional work such as repairing large scratches or missing fragments from the image, in addition to restoration work at the $50 level.

$120 - For heavily damaged photos that may be torn, scratched or heavily faded and require work on more than 4 areas of damage.

Colourisation services begin at $50 in addition to any repair work that is required.


1) Order this service by purchasing this product through the checkout.Ā 

The cost of this listing includes a base service of a simple retouch and conversion, as detailed above. For more extensive repairs or if you are unsure of what your image may require,Ā I am happy to provide a quote.

2) You will receive a pdf file containingĀ the full process of submitting your image/s for me to work on.

3) The cost of this listing includes a base service of a simple retouch and conversion, as detailed above to one image. I will take you through each step, keeping you informed of progress and any extra details or cost.

4) Once I have completed the work, I will email you a watermarked low-quality version of the image. Should you for whatever reason not be completely happy, I will refund the paid amount at the current exchange rate.

5) Once you are satisfied with the outcome and have approved, I will then electronically deliver your final image.

6) Once the final image has been delivered no refunds will be issued.