Restorations and Repairs

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Have you got an old photograph that has been put away because it's too fragile to be handled? Bring it back to its former glory by having it retouched and restored. It doesn't matter if the photo has creases, scratches, stains or even tears; most images can be restored to a better condition.


This is for a digital item only. The cost of this listing is for a simple restoration of blemishes and flaws and a conversion to a monochrome image. Colourising will be an additional cost to the overall price.

Where needed I will also make lighting, contrast and cropping adjustments to enhance the aesthetics of the image. For colour or a more extensive repair the cost will change and it is best to contact me before placing an order.

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Restoration Examples

Image 3 6 20 At 1.Jpg

This photo is out of copyright and was taken by noted Sydney photographer, Sam Hood in 1934.

I’ve taken some license to show how an old scratchy photo can gain new life nearly 90 years later. Image held by the State Library of NSW.

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Mr John Greenland Hook of Dover.

Circa late 1800s or early 1900s

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Image 4 6 20 At 6.Jpg